Most Frequently Asked Questions

Where is it?

36564 Shelby Court, Kenai, Alaska

How much access do I have?

Fishing season is May - Oct  (guaranteed 6 weeks per share during the fishing season.)  During the winter the river is frozen, but you would be welcome to enoy it as much as you might like in the winter as well.

Who holds the title?

The title is held in the partnership LLC. 

What is included?

1/6th interest in the LLC and all of its' assets including the house, the furnishings, a second lot with RV hook up and storage etc 

Who manages the property and the families usage?

Everything is professionally managed, coordinated, maintained, cleaned & stocked for you locally, under the control and discretion the partners. You literally do not need to lift a finger or think about its care when you own and enjoy this incredible vacation home with us.

How much is it?

Buy in is $275,000 per 1/6th interest.

Can I rent it out to someone?

No.  The LLC agreement does not allow this to be used as a rental.  This is not an income property, it is a private vacation home for our partners, family's and friends. 

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Question or Comments

4 Reasons Co-Owning this is Better Than Owning it all by Yourself

Full Ownership

1. A home that compares to this one simply isn't available on the Kenai River, so it's not an option to be bought.
2. If it were an option, to carry the ownership yourself it would cost you $36,000 each year in overhead.
3. As a single owner, you would be fully responsible to maintain it. (Which is much harder than it might sound in Alaska.)
4. If you bought this unit by yourself; you would have to pay for it all yourself.


In this Partnership

1. To buy 1/6th interest in this home you only pay $275k instead of $2M.
(You save $1.725M or 86%)
2. To carry this unit annually, only costs you $6000/yr instead of $36,000/yr
3. To have it professionally managed, kept new, stocked and maintained for you 100% turn-key and hassle-free is a very big perk!
4. More than enough opportunity to use it. 
Interested? You can send me the contact form, email, call or text.  
I am happy to answer any questions or discuss it further with you!